Rounding up a few things…

Jonathan Carroll on… her dog is sweet but very neurotic; what teachers make; on the definition of courage; the losses we suffer; wanting to become a writer.

People kill me. They have burning questions. They seem to not understand the finality of death. Or reality. Sometimes they get “foot in mouth” disease. Sometimes irony escapes them. They are helpless, indeed.

Fortunately, I also love people. Teresa is as cute as a GD button. Randolph looks like he had a fun wedding. Kyung Sook is also as cute as a button. Martin can rock the Boy George. Dottie looks like she could have hung with G-ma.

Related mashups: Snow White and Magritte; Magic the Gathering and Magritte.

Flying with a helper monkey? No worries, TSA has a policy for that (and they will not touch your monkey). They may also soon be tracking you— er, how long you spend in line. All of this makes me want to get the TMBG NSA ringtone!

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