Learning Log Cabin

Learning Log Cabin

Yarn: Aslan Trends Glaciar del Cielo and SWTC Vickie Howell’s Craft (my favorite cotton, ever).

Pattern: More of a recipe than a pattern– see the notes below.

Notes: There’s a knitting technique based on a quilting technique, and it’s called Log Cabin. You start with a box in the middle and then add strips of color around always heading in the same direction, with each strip getting longer. I wanted to learn this technique but don’t have the time/energy to put out another afghan right now, so I did a dishcloth. Usually one binds off each color and then picks up stitches; I thought that might drive me mad so I did it on four circular needles and kept the stitches live. I’m not entirely sure I’m going to become a fan of this technique, although I do like the finished product (from the front). From the back all I see are the picked up stitches and woven in ends – you could hide this in an afghan by sewing something to the “wrong” side, but not with a dishcloth.

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