Another linkdump full of stuff so old it’s hard to believe I haven’t shared them already. Like, seriously. Some of these I’ve had starred since 2008. WTF, self?!

Yoda; the cat with four ears.

Are you an atheist who believes in Bigfoot? Have I got the t-shirt for you!

Shorpy; a hi-res photo-blog focused on 100-year old photos. Hahaha! Get it? Photos? Focused? See what I did there?

Oh, visions of my childhood – how to re-use a schoolbus for cheap housing.

Fun with taxidermy: Chuffy and the Guinea Pig Time Machine!

Fun with science: Can you stick fridge magnets on your penis?

Here’s one for Craig – although he’s probably already seen it – aftermarket guns and weapons for LEGOs! Related: Zombie Lego Apocafest 2008.

see more dog and puppy pictures

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