Video Linkdump

Grab some coffee – this linkdump is all about the sitting and watching! Yes. You are welcome.

What if Lost was a show that had been done in 1967? The opening credits might look something like this.

Ahhhh, mashups! Tilt-shift meets time-lapse, on the streets of New York. LOVE!

I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but OK Go has an amazing Rube Goldberg set-up for this video; I almost couldn’t tell you what the song was about because I was too busy watching what was going on.


I wish this was a little funnier, but… it’s good for a chuckle. William Shatner reads Shit My Dad Says.

It’s an ALL MASHUP MORNING! Mason Dixon Knitting meets Grey Gardens. Whoot!

Who knew Boba Fett could rock out the accordion like that?!

Steampunk. Leprechauns. Go. Watch. Now.

Here’s one for Sharon – Sweet Georgia Brown. Hey, what’s with that drummer? OH! It’s a TRACTOR!

And lastly, something that most of you knew already: The Internet is Made of Cats.

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