Buwahahahahaha – xkcd on Freedom.

Awesome Regretsy mailbag post; most will not be funny unless you’re a long-time reader… except for the gumball clown, which is just funny (and evil).

I swear, even though I was just bitching about the grocery store bagger asking if I was going to make cake, when all I was buying was … things to make cakes… this is not me.

I think I just peed a little – Zombie Disney Cosplay!

Possibly little-known fact about me: I have never had a broken bone. But if I ever DO break an arm or leg, I totally want a Casttoo!

More fun with typography!

Slightly stereotypical, but still cute – Sexy Librarian embroidery.

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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  1. Y’know – I thought these were all cool, as well – and then you come along and prove it! Great minds …

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