When they are good, they are very very good; but when they are bad, my days suck a bag of dicks

I had such plans for yesterday. Part of those plans involved sitting on the couch watching TV on my one day off, while doing laundry in the background… but a good portion of that couch-sitting was also going to be while I had my laptop in front of me, catching up on a variety of things including…

– finishing the Hanks 10Q2 class schedule and getting it emailed out to our teachers for review

– switching out the photos on the front page of the Hanks webshop

– doing some much-delayed maintenance on the Hanks webshop

– uploading some photos to the Hanks Facebook page

– catching up on my regular email, my gmail, and my Ravelry messages

– finally fixing the Sandpiper Studios page (which was a priority as the piece that was scheduled to post yesterday sold already!)

– pre-blogging a few things on both this blog and the Hanks blog

So I started off my morning by plugging the laptop in and setting it on the table in front of the TV, and making coffee. As I was waking up and going through my morning “see what my peeps are up to” routine, I noticed that the little icon down on the bottom right corner of my laptop, the one that looks like a battery, didn’t have the “plugged in” look. I wiggled wires. I plugged and unplugged into three different plugs. I cursed a lot. I yelled at the dog for being underfoot. I determined that even though my power cord had been working PERFECTLY FINE 12 hours previously, it had somehow committed suicide in my bag overnight. Fucker. Didn’t this just happen like TWO MONTHS AGO?! a;dfja;lfja;dljf!!! (Turns out it wasn’t 2 months, it was 5. Whatevs.) Tim has since determined that the way the cord that runs from the battery to the laptop is poorly designed for the way I treat it (a nice way of saying quit bending it, dumbass) by wrapping it up and shoving it in my bag almost daily.

So because there was one thing that I very much needed off my laptop – the Hanks 10Q2 class schedule – we decided to go to Best Buy and check out power cord prices. I had bought one online in September for $20, and was thinking if they had them at that price I would buy two; one for home and one for work and that way I wouldn’t have to wrap them up – I could just leave them lay where they are. We also decided to have lunch while out Butler Hell way, and go to Sweet Dreams. mmmmmm. That would make the trip better! Well… Best Buy was a fail – they had one at $79 and one at $99 and since we have no income right now I am a cheap motherfucker and didn’t want to shell out that much, even for something I really desperately needed. We stopped at the nearby office supply store to see if they had a generic… and they did. For $89. Fuck it. We went to lunch, where I had a margarita as big as my head. While we were eating lunch, I remembered that I had just posted the 10Q2 schedule to Google Wave, for Sharon and Ginger to see – which meant that there was nothing on my laptop that needed emergency power to get to, which meant that I could safely order another $20 battery and cord, even if it took three days to get to me. I could do most everything else on my desktop computer, since the majority of that was internet based. I couldn’t upload recent photos, but I could take care of a lot of other things. We decided to swing by Radio Shack just in case, but same thing – one, at $89. ON TO SWEET DREAMS! We decide the most logical thing to do – the most cost effective – is to buy another $20 battery online. I decide to buy two, so that I can have one at home and one at work. Good news: later that night Tim was able to solder back into place the wires for my first, original dead battery and cord. So it looks like Frankenstein but my laptop now has power.

By the time we got back home, it was close to 3-ish, and I really needed to start laundry. HERE IS WHERE THE DAY SUDDENLY GOT WORSE AGAIN. See, I normally do not put my handknits in my laundry basket. But the last time I wore my Gathered Pullover was Sunday (I love it so much I’ve been wearing it once a week), and last Sunday was the day that at 10:30 at night on the way home from a party, Tim’s car died in the middle of the intersection and we had to start walking home. Jeff was staying with us and I tried calling him, flagging him down as he drove past us, and calling him again… and fortunately he did eventually come and get us but… by the time we got home I was tired and frustrated and tired and amped and a;dja;dflja;dfj. So I got into my pj’s and apparently just threw all my clothes into the hamper. Which yesterday, also being tired and frustrated and off-kilter, I just dumped into the washer. While the laundry was going I decided that I needed to regroup a little, so I sat on the couch and knitted a sock and caught up on two episodes of Ace of Cakes. When the laundry was ready to put in the dryer… guess what I pulled out? Yes. A now-felted Gathered Pullover. QUE THAT PIECE OF CLASSICAL MUSIC THEY ALWAYS PLAY IN HORROR MOVIES LIKE THE OMEN. The thing is? It’s felted… in places. One sleeve is completely felted – so small I can’t even get my arm through it – yet the other sleeve is barely felted at all. One bottom side is now as thick as a rug, as is the opposite shoulder. One bottom side is merely fulled, not felted. It looks like fucking Escher knitted a sweater. I just really want to cry. It’s not necessarily the price of the yarn, it’s not feeling like all those hours were wasted… I mean, it’s partly those two things, but I also really, really loved how it turned out. It fit beautifully, I looked really hot in it, and it was completely the wrong gauge yarn for the project and I still made it work out perfectly! That sweater made me so happy, the four or five times I got to wear it.


At this point I decide the day is a GD wash, and spend the rest of the afternoon and evening knitting and drinking.

And that was my Tuesday. I’d ask how your Tuesday was, but I have to be honest – I don’t really care. I just feel like bitching about mine.

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  1. That sweater thing would just put me away. I suppose you could just make yourself a new one, but there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be exactly the same.

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