Jonathan Carroll on expressions.

My Parents Were Awesome roundup – Heidi looks like a movie star. Here’s Ralph, but I really like the person in back of him, who clearly has a sense of humor. I want to know what Valerie was doing with all those shoes.

Got a few minutes? Here’s the entire Jon Stewart/Bill O’Reilly interview.

Oh, Regretsy… I need to stop reading you over my lunch break. Hello Titty almost killed me!

Don’t laugh, but I have a thing for ornate doorbells. So this made me smile!

Also beautiful? Bitter Sisters package design. Also looks tasty. Wonder where I might find some…? Ooo – related: The Science of Cocktails.

On a serious note – this home video was recently found of the Challenger space shuttle disaster. Watching it brought me right back to that day.

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  1. “I don’t think Mr Moss thought it was anything significant. He put it down in his basement with other tapes he had and just forgot about it,” said Marc Wessels, executive director of the Space Exploration Archive, a Kentucky-based group that collects space memorabilia for educational purposes.

    I highly doubt he had it in his “basement” since, well, as we all know, there’s no such thing in Florida.

    Still…wow. That’s crazy. I remember that and it’s still a very emotional event for me. It’s one of the first big events I really remember as a kid. I was nine when it happened and it just stuck with me.

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