QOTW – 2010/02/15

And the Question of the Week is… what is the most difficult habit you have ever tried to get rid of?

For me, it would be a toss-up between subconscious self-sabotage when it comes to things with timed deadlines, and hyper-vigilance/excessive worry about things that really probably would be OK if I didn’t worry them like a dog with a bone. Yeah. Still working on getting rid of both of those things. Sigh.


  1. alicesenior

    I have a habit of holding on to things that I should give or throw away. I haven’t yet completely conquered this but I’m getting better at it.
    For example, I just bought some things that came in huge big cardboard boxes. I argue with myself. Oh, I should save those boxes, I might need them someday…
    What would I need them for? Uhhhhhhhh….Too big to ship cookies, don’t use cardboard for storage as it draws bugs…
    OK, they are now flattened and ready for the city recycling truck as long as I don’t change my mind before Friday.
    Or, all those old lids to plastic margarine tubs. The tubs have disappeared, so why keep just the lids? Maybe the tub will re-appear. Ahhhhhh … Must toss…
    Also related, constantly working on but probably will never beat, is dragging home things I see that were set out for the trash by neighbors, thinking to turn them in to objects of art someday. (I did make a nice wind chime from some old chair parts I found.) Yesterday was two Christmas wire lawn deer. The lights don’t work but the little fellows are sooo cute. Just need a little rustoleum. At least they can live outside so it’s not so bad.
    I’m not in danger of having to move out to the garden to live but I do need to continue to try to reform this habit of pack-ratting.

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