Joining the “mile-high” club just got easier. If somewhat more public.

Some recent faves from My Parents Were Awesome (I am a sucker for a photo that tells a story, or should I say… makes you want to know the story). John (in the bra). Sometimes the fashion sets the tone, like Rhoda. Sometimes the pure joy on someones face is what gets me, like Minda.

I am not surprised at how many of these people are on my bookshelves – Famous Literary Drunks and Addicts.

This might be from The Onion, but it sadly rings true – Science Channel Refuses to Dumb Down Science Any Further.

Caffeine may stress me out when I have too much, but thank Ghod not this much.

Here’s one for Tim – behind the scenes at Star Trek: TNG.

The Commons: Vital, virile, virtual, and vital. Saving photography and history!

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  1. Have a mentioned that I love your linkdumps? Cuz I do.

    I like Worf reading the yacht magazine.

    Totally agree about the Science Channel article. I can’t watch Mythbusters anymore because their “tests” wouldn’t be good enough for an elementary school science project. Or at least they shouldn’t be. And with things like “Catch It Keep It” and “Punkin Chunkin” it should be called “Hobby Engineer Channel”.

    I already knew that most of the best writers were alcoholics. I had no idea how many did amphetemines, other drugs.

    And since Ayn Rand apparently needed speed to write Atlas Shrugged, I think I should at least be able to take it so I can finish slogging through it. It’s good, but loooong.

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