And the Question of the Week is… What is the thing you disagree most about as a family?

My answer is after the cut.

Commence being jealous – we don’t really disagree. That may have something to do with there only being, like, three of us left… but seriously! We all have pretty much the same outlook about everything. Probably the largest difference is how Tim and I approach our views on politics, as he listens to Rush Limbaugh daily, and in my universe Rush is going to be first against the firing squad. But even there we agree that Tim can listen to whatever he wants wherever I can’t hear it, and I can keep my mouth shut – so there’s no real tension there. At least there wasn’t until I wrote that out where Tim can see it. I’ll let y’all know if I have to sleep on the couch tonight.

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  1. No disagreements that I know of. I live pretty far away from my next-of-kins (brother and sister 1,000 miles away, daughter a 5-hour round trip drive). Maybe if I saw them more often I’d think of things to fuss about, but probably because I don’t, I don’t.
    There was a recent news story about a woman who reconciled her differences with her sister after several years of not speaking. Then, the sister went off on a hiking trip and disappeared. The woman says that now, when she hears of family disputes, she thinks they should just be glad they are still alive and forget about the fussing and anger.

  2. Everyone in my family believes that family should be close. That you should constantly stay in touch and in each others’ lives no matter how seldom we actually see each other or how little we have in common.

    I don’t believe this. I don’t believe I should stay in touch with people whom I share nothing in common, see once a decade, just because they’re family.

    I’m going with the family I choose, and the family I care to see more often.

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