George Carlin on how unfair the end of life is, and how it should be.

Rather creepy ad for cleanser.

Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on LOST, did an advent calendar this year of things his dog likes to chew. This one had me in stitches.

I don’t remember if I’ve blogged about MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME; a website that I am completely in love with (Sharon’s probably tired of me looking at it during lunch, calling her in to the office to look at the best ones). The idea behind it is that unlike many other [fun sites that I love] snarky sites ,this one really is just… photos of parents, being awesome. Such as this vampire wedding. Sometimes I just really dig the photography, such as this black & white.

From the lobby, it looked like he elbowed you in the face, you thanked him and asked him for another.”

Here are two for Sharon – the Weekly World News is now on Google Books! Commence reading up on Bat Boy! Also, chocolate guns and ammo! Tasty tasty violence!

The winners of Fark’s 2009 headline contest… some just made me blink, but some did make me chuckle out loud.

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