And the Question of the Week is… what, if any, religion are you? Have you ever changed to a different religion?

My answer is after the cut.

I’ve heard I was baptized as a Methodist as a child, but I don’t even know what they believe/practice. If I had to nail myself down (whoa, unintended pun?!) I would call myself an Agnostic Taoist Pagan (I really don’t see those three as being exclusive of each other). But I don’t get into bed with any sort of organized religion; mostly because I’ve read up on many of them and from an outsiders point of view many of them seem to be describing the same thing… and yet most of them also say that everyone else is wrong. I fail to grok how, if someone is describing the leaves, and someone is describing the branches, and someone is describing the trunk, and someone is describing the root system, and someone is describing the acorn… they can all deny that they are talking about the same tree.

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  1. I was baptised Catholic, but gave it up long ago. I am… I have no idea what I am now. I believe in God and I believe everyone should treat others as they would want to be treated. What does that make me?

  2. I too was raised Catholic, but Penny says I’m a retired Catholic. I was born again back in ’97, but just consider myself to be Christian.

  3. My parents put me in a Methodist church when I was about ten or eleven, and I kept going off and on (mainly because that’s where the girls were) until I was on my own, age 18, when I admitted to myself that I’d never really believed any of that, and was an agnostic. About a year later I realized that I used “agnostic” because it seemed more polite than “atheist,” but in fact I thought that all religion was a pack of lies — some more elegant than others; some more harmful than others.

    Not to say, of course, that all religious people, or even all religious leaders, are liars. People believe the damnedest things, and they believe sincerely.

    Unca Joe

  4. Raised Southern Baptist, went to non-denominational Church of Christ when I started questioning the “country club church” mentality (I was in high school/college). Came to find out it wasn’t the Baptists so much as organized religion itseff that I wanted to steer clear of.

    I believe in higher power(s), but not so much the I’m-right-you’re-going-to-hell stuff. I believe in being a good person and treating everything – person/animal/planet – with respect.

  5. i was raised Catholic, but i recovered. i’m now in the boat with agnostic/atheist Buddhists and all those, like Dalai Lama 14 who believe in loving kindness. i’m sure our boat is not a hand-basket if you get my drift.

  6. Atheist, but respect people who truly believe their faith and are good ambassadors of it. I try to make certain that all of the different religions in my office get treated with equal respect: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu.

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