And the Question of the Week is… What areas of research do you think should be broadened and/or more funded?

My answer? Both space and deep sea exploration. Boldly go!

Lorena Politics

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  1. That’s a hard one. Conflicted between the neat and the necessary. We ought to be doing hammer-and-tongs research directed toward desalinization and waste treatment, to save the lives of millions of people. But I really want the search for Earth-like planets in nearby stellar systems to thrive, and it’s definitely a big-ticket item. You need orbital interferometry with really big telescopes — like two Hubbles in orbit, scrutinizing one star at a time.

    For selfish reasons I’m all in favor of basic research into gerontological degeneration. Like, I want to be 100% there until I’m suddenly 100% gone. Is that too much to ask? Used to be that most of the big money was in the hands of old white men, so we oldsters had a fighting chance. Now I’m reading about young billionaires everywhere. Somebody please slap them upside the collective head and tell them they’re gonna be old before they know it.

    While we’re at it, let’s budget a couple of billion for pancreas research, so I can drink again. Like, I fancy a whisky every now and then, don’t you? Perhaps a glass of fine claret. Or a bottle of MD 20/20, like I care anymore.

    Unca Joe

  2. interferometry : ha ha ; i looked it up and still don’t understand what it means. could somebody explain it in terms of knitting ? does it apply to a feather and fan pattern? Or is it something like what a mother in law does to a marriage?

    Agreeing with Unca Joe, water is our most important and seemingly most neglected, most necessary resource. Water is “this country’s” most abundant blessing, we’d be broke as a joke without all the fresh water we have.

  3. Advancements in cures/prevention of deadly diseases, accomplished in part by an increase in stem cell research; alternate forms of energy (i.e. less dependance on foreign or even domestic oil, and certainly to enable less dependance on coal as an energy source so we can stop chopping off the tops of West Virginia mountains)

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