The smell of Nag Champa in the morning

(Originally posted on February 22, 2007)

This morning while walking with Bridgett, I passed… jogger girl and her dog… a long-haired white cat who was wet and matted, and looked very mean… an orange cat who ran away… two black cats who were playing tag in a yard… jogger girl, again… the crazed beagles in the dog park who bark and bark and bark and bark and bark… and a man in a Rasta hat and brightly colored clothes who was walking down the sidewalk with one arm raised. From a distance I thought maybe he was Rasta Jogger Man, but he doesn’t live on this side of town. As I got closer, he stepped aside to avoid my dog, and I noticed that in his raised hand was a stick of incense. For about twenty feet past him, I could smell the Nag Champa. I turned around to see what he was doing, and he was paused in the middle of the sidewalk with his back to me, waving the incense in the air.

Good morning, Gainesville!

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