Morning Surf Cowl

Morning Surf cowl

Yarn: Koigu Kersti Merino Crepe

Pattern: Morning Surf Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer

Notes: I wanted to learn this cool technique of the bubble-thing, with the dropped stitches. I had seen this pattern in Spin Off about a year ago and every once and a while thought about knitting it; then when one of our customers came in with a scarf she did in this pattern, I was all “must!do!”. I did so much research on what yarn I had and what yarn people used to make this scarf and compared in my head how it would look with what I had in my stash, and chose three skeins of yarn that I’d had for a while. But after about a skein of it I remembered that I really don’t like making things that are six feet long and skinny and not so heavy on the different repeats. And while bitching about this at the appropriately named Stitch and Bitch last weekend (keep in mind that was Sunday, and I’d just cast on for this on Saturday, so that didn’t bear well for another four feet of knitting…) one of my friends was all, “how long is it? Close it up to itself and make a cowl!”. Voila. And thus I learned a cool new-to-me-technique and didn’t have to spend six months looking at it thinking how much I don’t find scarves fun any more. Also, hello – first Christmas gift of 2010 off the needles! Whoot!


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