QOTW – 2009/12/21

Whoa, almost forgot it was Monday again! The Question of the Week is… What do you like the most about your home? The least?

My answer is after the cut.

What I like most is my office; primarily because of the skylights and the built-in bookshelf. I’ve always had a soft spot for built-in units; bookshelves, pocket doors… things like that. And I love the sound of the rain on the skylights, and the natural light in this room.

What I like least is not having a heater. Especially this morning, when it’s in the upper 50’s… inside.


  1. alicesenior

    Ordinarily I would say my favorite thing about my house is my screen porch/room. Except with the temp predicted to plummet tonight into the 40’s, I really like my central heat system. (Sorry – I had already decided to say that before reading your answer – not really trying to rub it in.)
    What I like least is the house is still really too small. But I’m working on making it bigger with one more room to be added next month. If that doesn’t solve the problem I’ll have to start living in my garden.

  2. Quinn

    What I like most? I’d have to say the 30′ of windows which get full sun from morning to late afternoon. Mind you, I love the open layout very, very much, but the sunlight and view are fantastic.

    What I like least? I guess being able to hear my neighbors. Not a whole lot, but usually at least once a day. I think that bothers me more than the not quite fully functional completely closed in galley kitchen. I can always leave the kitchen. I can’t wander away from the noise.

  3. I like the area that I live. It’s nice.

    I hate being in an apartment. I’ve never owned a house and I can’t see it happening anytime in the foreseeable future. I’m sick of neighbors, noise, and it not being “my” home.

  4. Linda Walsh

    I love all the light in my house and wouldn’t trade my studio for the world. The view out one side is all forest, out the other is valley and Oakland Bay. I love all the green outside and
    all the fiber inside.

    The only downside is you guys are so far away. Be coming East after Stitches West, so, rest up.

    Happy Holly-days!!!!

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