Baby not included.

Giant! Green! Afghan!

Yarn: Lots and lots and lots of handspun

Pattern: Spider-Man Blanket (Ravel it)

Notes: I did this one the same way I did the pink one; worked on it one weekend a month, and although it took six months, it seems to hardly have taken any time at all!

Giant! Green! Afghan!

Lorena For the home

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  1. And now it’s OURS! (The afghan, that is – not the baby.) Lore, I admired this when you posted it. I can’t believe WE are the beneficiaries of all that wonderful craftsmanship and love. THANK YOU! I told Bill that we have a couch cuddle date tonight with the afghan. We’re so grateful.

    1. Awww, shucks! You’re so welcome! I’m sorry I couldn’t send Susan’s baby as well (Susan would kill me!). Heh. I hope that it keeps you warm and snuggly!

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