Holiday season – happy? Depressing? Overrated? Perfect? Discuss!

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  1. All of the above, in its different aspects. If it were just a secret holiday that our family had by itself, it would be wonderful. But all these merchants and holy joes keep horning in! All the Xmuzak in the stores! The jingle-jangle of commercials!

    But I guess I’d miss it if it were gone. And what would I do with the reindeer costume?

    Unca Joe

  2. Everything, in varying amounts, different every day. I love it in many ways, but it’s also the time of year when you realize how little you know about some of the people you feel you should know much better — would Aunt Barb like this gadget? Or that one? Does she like to cook? Or does she like takeout best? — that sort of thing. We always seem to be short of time, and that’s what bothers me the most. We have lots of wonderful family and friends, and we love the activities we have, but sometimes it doesn’t leave enough time for sitting around the family room with cups of cocoa and board games.

  3. Scrooge here.

    Can’t stand this time of year. The same five damn songs playing in every store, on every commercial, and in each elevator. Everyone telling you to Spend Spend Spend to show how much you care! I hate buying for family who need nothing, want nothing, and get petulant when I suggest we just donate to charity instead. No, they want to see prezzies under the tree. And it all starts so damn early. I don’t want to know about Xmas until the week before. I feel uncomfortable around my religious family during the day.

    I can’t wait till January. Honest, I won’t answer this question next year. I’m sure I’ve written the same thing each year.

    I would love to see Uncle Joe in a reindeer costume!

  4. I’d just like to add that the universe finds ways to make one enjoy the season. A sold out item I wanted for a friend just came back in stock today.

    Darn Xmas elves.

  5. The part I like best is all the little twinkly colored Christmas lights. One reason I renewed annual passes to Disney was so I could go and be flabergasted by the Osborne Family Lights. I stand there just gawking at the wonder of it all. When I was young, in Balto, on Thanksgiving night, we would go down to the Hecht Co across from Edmondson Village and watch the lights get lit on the stores in the Village. That was spectacular then but nothing compared to the aforementioned OFLs. I also remember really enjoying the displays in the downtown department store windows. And my father would always spend hours and hours in secret building Christmas gardens in the basement where we weren’t allowed to go. Somehow he (and Santa, of course) would magically get it upstairs and installed in the living room after we kids went to bed on Christmas eve. The train whistle would wake us up in the morning.
    While I like the excessive lights and other decorations, I don’t like excess in gift giving. In fact, I try to avoid gift giving completely. I do bake cookies and send them off to distant places, but that’s not really the excess I’m talking about. People waiting in line overnight or for days in front of BestBuys and Walmarts to get big bargains really kills the true spirit of Christmas. Especially since I underderstand that many of those purchases are sold later in the day at a big profit on eBay.
    Anyway, I do like the holiday season.

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