Really, what are the chances of a root looking like a human being? Pretty good, actually.

Why shouldn’t I be a judge? Because I would totally pass sentences like this.

Over on BoingBoing, they’ve been joking that the reason the Large Hadron Collider isn’t working is because  someone in the future is trying to get us to stop, because something bad might happen. It’s a funny theory, really. Now this is just getting ridiculous.

How would you like to go to your own funeral? Hahahahah whoops.

This face painting art is alternately fascinating and creepy.

I really hope my Boston peeps can go to ROFLcon, if only to enjoy Regretsy!

Blockbuster worker stabbed himself in the leg in a ploy to miss work. Dude, just call in with food poisoning, like everyone else. Idiot.

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