Ribbing; not ripping

Ribbing, not ripping

Yarn: Brown Sheep Handpaint Originals in “Fall”

Pattern: Basic hat

Notes: I actually made this hat a couple of years ago, but don’t wear it a lot because I thought it rolled up too much – what with a rolled brim, and all. So I finally dug out the leftovers and picked up stitches, adding ribbing (rather than rip the whole thing out and reknit it). And do you know what doing that told me? That actually… THIS HAT IS TOO BIG FOR ME. Sigh. I HAVE TEH FAIL.


  1. Linda Walsh

    Turn the cuff up and have a double thickness over your ears, thereby being warmer
    in the ear area, that is. Ribbing IS the same on both sides so the look is maintained
    and all that jazz. Happy Holly-days.

    • Sadly, Linda, it is too big with the cuff up. What I didn’t realize before doing the ribbing is that if the hat didn’t roll, it would have come down just below my eyebrows; in retrospect what I should have done is ripped out about an inch and then done the ribbing. Or just left it alone. That’s OK, though – I needed a hat to give a certain someone for Christmas anyway! So it’s all good! 🙂

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