This just never gets old… Seventh foot washes ashore in BC. Oh, you wacky Canadians!

Library 101: Project on the Future of Libraries (I starred this one for my mom and Tim’s mom – librarians both – but have to admit I haven’t had the eight minutes to watch it yet. So they’ll have to tell me how it is.)

Dooce; oh, Dooce. Sometimes I just don’t get her… but sometimes she makes me cry with laughter; and the story of her husband’s vasectomy is one such story.

If I had $750,000 just lying around, and liked San Francisco, I would so buy this place. Even though I *have* seen that movie, and it *doesn’t* turn out well. <– Betharoopie is probably giggling right now.

And now, if you need a unicorn chaser, Bikini Leia and stunt double catch some rays. I’ll be in my bunk.

Why I should (or, uhm, maybe *shouldn’t*) have a baby: so I too can make a Happy Mutant 3-Armed Baby Costume!

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