6 thoughts on “Poll of the Week

  1. No option for snailmail? Actually everybody I know (including my 80-90 year old Aunties) has email now. Hate using the phone; it seems so intrusive.

  2. I’m terrible at communication. I suck at writing snail mail, don’t reply to email, and don’t check my phone that often for texts. I’m trying to do better.

    1. I’ve been telling myself “I’m trying to do better” for so many years that I’m about THISCLOSE to giving up and saying “I love all y’all, but I SUCK AT ANSWERING THINGS”. Maybe I could get that on a t-shirt…?

  3. Fur exchange- when your cats shed on you, then you go to someone’s house and let their pets snuffle you. You will inevitably take back some fur for your your own pets to snuffle, upon your return …

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