QOTW – 2009/10/05

And the Question of the Week is… how much knitting is *too much* knitting to bring on a six day vacation?


The real question is… what are you getting me for my birthday? It’s Sunday, you know!

OK! I KID AGAIN! REALLY! I KID! (seriously, just a “happy birthday, be-yotch!” is fine!)

Can you tell I’m having trouble choosing a good question for today? I blame my too-weak coffee; brain not awake yet. Grr. Argh.

OK; I’ve finally chosen one… but I’m not awake enough to answer it myself yet.

THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS… Which concerns you more – the nation’s economic or moral problems? Are they related?


  1. Skipernicus

    The economy. The nation’s moral problems? The nation has always (ALWAYS) had morality problems – we sin as fast as we can make sin up. Besides, sin is not a place for federal governance – that’s a church issue. We should only govern the sins that cause peace issues – like murder, theft, denial of liberties, etc.

    You and your turpitude, man! Where do you get that stuff?

  2. LAURA

    The economy IS a moral problem. Morals ain’t just sex, drug and rockNroll, although some Fox News commentators would have you think that. The highway robbery from Wall Street was certainly immoral, and if you have to get all biblical for morals (I’m talkin’ to YOU Faux News) there’s bible verses about not doing the stuff that the bigwigs did to get us here. There’s also lots of stuff about the consumption-oriented fever of the past 60 or so years, too being a big, fat NO NO. Stuff, stuff, stuff= debt, debt, debt. And that’s a moral issue, when it leads to environmental degredation and financial collapse. It’s just alot more convenient for everyone to concentrate on what/who we allow in and out of our bodies and bedrooms and call it “values.”

  3. Quinn

    I agree that the economy is a moral problem. However, I think ethics/morals are beyond most major corporations. That said, the economy is bothering me more. I have too many friends out of work, and don’t see anything getting better for some time.

  4. Cake Jen

    The morals of the Economic system. The fact that 1 percent of the population in the States contains the overwhelming majority of the wealth is very scary. We dont save as a nation and I think that mind set is a moral issue. (Im the first to point the finger at my own erronuos mindset) A favortie family quote is “you cant legislate morality” when you do-crazy things happen, lots of people lose their voices after the emotional shouting matches that occur. Are we using credit cards like our own little “ponsy skeams” or “robbing Peter to pay Paul?- (yes I cant spell or punctuate.)

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