QOTW – 2009/09/28

And the Question of the Week is… If you had to kill your own food, would you become a vegetarian?

My answer is after the cut.

Heck, no! If anything, I’d probably become more of a meat-a-tarian, because I think that having to kill the animal yourself gives you more of a respect for how it’s taken care of; you become more aware of what is wasted, more aware of your responsibilities to the animal. I have killed my own food (nothing big–fish, chicken, ducks … OMG, all the things I am now allergic to!!! CONSPIRACY!!!) and let me tell you… fresh food? Tasty!


  1. As much as I respect true hunters, I think I would go pretty hard-core vegetarian. Only because I’m damn squeamish. I can’t even eat roast chicken off the bone. Yeah, I’m a headcase.

    But I would certainly still respect those who could kill their own food. I know it’s definitely something going on in MY head, and has nothing to do with what others choose.

  2. alicesenior

    I’ve caught fish and eaten them, so that makes my answer ‘yes’. My father would go hunting and bring back ducks, which we ate. I have a history of farmers in my genealogy and they would kill and eat chickens. So, yes, I think I could do those things, too, if that was the only way I’d get to eat what I consider to be decent food. I think God wouldn’t have given us the kind of teeth we have if we weren’t meant to eat at least some meat.

  3. Quinn

    I’d not become vegetarian. I’m with you, it would make me have more respect for what I’m eating. I’d be concerned not just with how the animal lived, but how it died, how much of it I could use for food or any other aspect of my life.

  4. Skipernicus

    I would go vegetarian just for the sake of it. I think I could kill my own food, but really, I don’t care to do that. I don’t like it when you take a living thing and reduce it to an object. However, my issue is not so much with the killing and eating part, it’s with the waste part. Here in the god ole USA, people are only interested in steaks…

    But I think vegetarianism is a good deal, especially as we age. Even if you’re only part time – make meat the occassion it deserves to be.

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