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  1. Under “other” so far there are two votes for Thai, and one for Middle Eastern. Which I just tried to type as Middle Eater… followed by Middle Easter. Hmm. FINGER FAIL.

  2. Mine was the Middle Eastern. Pita bread, hummus, veggie kabobs, cheese stuff, lotsa little plates of tasty things. And the most fun food word of all: baba ganoush.

  3. Thai! Oh, I forgot about Thai! Any spicy Asian food! Well, except kimchi — that I haven’t cared for much. But also love middle eastern… moroccan… hmmm. Well, I guess there isn’t much food I’ve met that I didn’t like. Even British pub food is yummy if it’s made well. 🙂

  4. The “other” count is currently as follows –
    thai (2)
    Thai (1)
    Middle Eastern (1)
    grapes (1)
    Polish! (1)
    Ethiopian! You can’t eat it by yourself … (1)

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