And the Question of the Week is… would you rather work outside with your hands, or inside at a desk job?

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Until a few years ago when I had a desk job (until then, my jobs had been in the retail situation) I would have said “desk job”; but now, having had one and grokking the dreariness of never being outside (here’s hoping I never ever ever again work in a setting without a window) and not being able to escape the view of the train-wreckiness of office politics… my answer is “outside, baby!”. I don’t care about the weather, I would much rather be outside than have my ass in a chair for nine hours a day. Having said that, of course, I’m absolutely happy back in the retail setting! It’s just the right combination of sitting and moving, being inside in the AC with having all the natural light from our windows that I could want.

Lorena Work

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  1. I sort of work inside and outside with my hands at a desk. The porch where I do most of my writing is screened but otherwise open to the weather. I write with a fountain pen into blank books, arguably working with my hands.

    Unca Joe

  2. Outside. I am a solar-influenced person: if I don’t get enough daylight during the workday, I turn cranky and abrupt with people. That said, the heaviest manual labor I subscribe to is wrestling 10 kilos of fabric, lining, trim, faux fur, etc through a sewing machine (but the results are worth it!).

  3. When we first moved to Florida, the only job I could get was doing lawn maintenance. I thought it would be fun to work outside using my hands. It was fun for about the first week. By April, the heat was so intolerable, I had to quit. Then I got a few jobs working inside but still with my hands – as a final inspector in a children’s clothing factory, clipping the ends of seams off the clothes as I inspected them, then working in the windowshade factory making custom shades for interior decorator companies. In the end, working inside in an office using mostly only my brain (hands only involved in transferring what was in my brain to a computer keyboard) was the better choice. In some ways I missed working inside with the public. There were times when I had to restrain myself from using my hands around their scrawney ugly necks and squeezing. Now I work outside with my hands only for fun doing my garden and other yard work.

  4. I’d rather work inside, with windows, and the ability to escape during lunch. It’s not just temperature control, it’s humidity control. I’d hate to be outside during rain or sleet. I feel for the utility workers I see outside during those times.

  5. Inside, but doing creative things. Like working on my jewelry. With the occasional field trip to go take photos or something to break up the day. 🙂

  6. Inside at a desk job. I mean, if I had to work at all. I have to many allergies & heat makes me feel listless. I wouldn’t be any good working outside with my hands.

  7. I would most definitely prefer to work outside with my hands. All of my life I’ve pretty much done desk jobs, however, my dream job would be making a living working with horses. Horses are hobby and it brings me minor income at times, but oh if it could be a profession……. life would be grand.

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