Long Linen August

Yarn: Louet Euroflax Originals, which Jag and Antony gifted to me long enough ago as to be embarassing that I haven’t used the yarn yet! (Clearly it was just waiting for the right project…)

Pattern: Based on my August Afghan square, but with an extra repeat in there for length. Also added a little i-cord cord on one end, as it’s a hand-towel, so mom could loop it over something if she wanted to.

Notes: Surprise, mom! Coming your way soon – linen is rather rough feeling at first, but everyone says it softens with use; so my plan is to wash this a couple times before sending it to you. And then the more you use it (either as a hand towel, or a dishcloth, or whatever you’d prefer), the softer it should get!

Lorena For the home

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    1. Hee! I borrowed the sheep from work for the photo shoot – he’s a bar of soap. Sadly he doesn’t smell of sheep (one of my favorite scents); I believe that was one of the lavender ones.

      Thanks! 🙂

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