Works-in-Progress Wednesday (01/28/15)

The WiP I’m most excited about this week isn’t even mine, but my siste-in-law’s project, a new little baby who didn’t want to wait to be a February baby, and should make a surprise appearance today. Good thing I finished that gnome hat a couple days ago!

I can't imagine why she wouldn't hold still for a better photo. #knitting #catsofinstagram #stuffonmycat

Not the best photo, I know… she didn’t want to hold still enough for me to actually pull the hat down over her ears. Tee hee hee.

So… what else do I have going on this week?

In ceramics, I’m practicing on my wheel.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. #ceramics #potterywheel Mischief managed! #ceramics

I was going to make some more slab-rolled mugs this week – I have a new stamp that I’m going to use to decorate them with that a good number of you are going to flip over – but I decided to hold off and get the ones I made last week fired, first, in case my guessed-at dimensions are wrong and the shrinkage rate is too high.

As my studio is in a deep case of “I can’t move this until I move that first”, I’m slowly working on cleaning it up and making room for greenware to dry, so practicing on the wheel is good to do while I don’t have a lot of room for slipcasting.

In soap, I’ve unfortunately not had time to wrap the soap I made a couple of weeks ago. When I did have time, it was too humid and the soap wouldn’t cure enough first… now that it’s a bit dryer, I have other more pressing things. I’m hoping that my next soap week, February 8-14, will be a dry week and I can get those restocks wrapped and listed.

In yarn, I’m prepping for making restocks next week. Definitely look for Ranger Baby to get restocked (thanks, y’all!), and also I got some of the Joy base from my distributor so look for that to be heavily stocked as well. If you’re thinking of a custom order, this week would be a great time to place it because I can just slide your yarn in with other things I’m dyeing next week!

How about y’all? What are you working on this week?

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