One for the knitters

I have Startitis Anxiety. First, I wanted to knit something as a sample in a new yarn that I’m bringing into HaldeCraft soon (a 70/30 Alpaca/Silk, holy crap). It comes in a 600 yard skein so I’ve been looking on Ravelry for ~600 yard cape/poncho things.

Then Aunt Gay and Uncle Joe invited me to to to the International Conference on the Fantastic (a convention so geeky it makes even the geekiest of science fiction cons I’ve been to look straight-up) and many of my favorite authors are going to be there. There’s also a banquet, and a lunch.

I was thinking that I might want to knit some sort of wrap/cardigan/open-drapey thing that would be relaxed enough to wear during the day but nice enough to also wear to the lunch and/or dinner, over top of whatever other nice thing I wear.

Then I started thinking maybe I could combine wanting to knit with this new yarn with wanting to knit something to wear to this con, and now my brain is trapped in a pattern search spiral wherein the last line of the code is “BEGIN AGAIN”.

It turns out ~600 yards is not really enough to knit something that’s going to fit me. So I can dye another skein, and make a ~1200 yard something; or I can combine some other yarn, a brown yarn of a similar blend/same weight, that I just so happen to have close to 600 yards in. So I could do a stripey or intarsia something.

  • If I wanted to do two colors, I could go with this (green for the lace, brown for the solid), or this (green for most of it, brown for the lace and edging), or this (changing colors every few rows), or this (in stripes, which would probably look really horrid, so never mind), or this (one color for the lace, one color for the solid and cables).
  • I could even do the poncho one with just the green.
  • Or I could do any number of shawls in just the green. If I liked to wear shawls.
  • Or I could add in a third yarn, and do this, because I do like the style of it… but not how it looks like a bulls-eye.
  • Or I could take a shawl pattern I like, and double the numbers, knit it in the round, and make a poncho.
  • Or, if I wanted to not combine my ideas, I could do some math and use a yarn I just dyed in Cranberry red to make this… but that might be too warm.

Or, or… or……

::blam:: <– my head exploding from looking at so many knitting patterns on Ravelry, and wanting to make them all, and only having two hands.


  1. I like Brunello best. It won’t be too fussy to wear, and the short sleeves will keep it from being too warm. Plus, the shape won’t be distorted when the alpaca starts to relax.

  2. March ? In the Orlando Airport ? You won’t need to keep warm. I – know – you – know : I’m going to say #251 Easy Lace Poncho. I can’t say anything about color though because I’m currently crocheting a very large doily in white just to see if i could crochet it in a solid and a varigated. AND with #251 your yardage is golden.

  3. You’ve got it all wrong. There is only one choice – the top down Lacy cardigan – Just the right amount of lace, not too ruffly, doesn’t have huge sleeves and can be both cas and dressy. Now put your head back together and get on that.

  4. You know what occurred to me, too, as I was driving around today…? I’m about one sleeve into this lacy pullover; if I were crazy enough to knit about an inch a day, between now and March 20th, I could finish it, and wear it to either the dinner or luncheon. But I would have to be pretty strict about knitting on it every day… and that might not give me time to work on much else. Including a poncho. However, in digging through for a sweater the other day (because we finally are getting our Week of Winter), I found this shawl I made that I apparently made for myself to keep, not to give away, even though I never wear shawls. So I could bring it as well… and then just not worry about the alpaca/silk until after that (or cast on for the lacy poncho with it, and knit it during the con).

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