Tim made a funny about how it was just “un-SEAM-ly”

Guess what is off the needles (although I will still have a neckline to knit after everything is seamed together)?

Ready to seam

The big part is finished. Now I just need to seam it, knit the neckline, and block the shit out of it. Started in October of 2010… finished… SOON!

Back Sleeves Front


  1. tammy says:


    But wait…don’t you live on the sun? Won’t it be too warm? You could totally send it to me and I’ll take *very* good care of it for you. 😉

    1. Lorena says:

      HAH! Be careful what you wish for. I hardly even want to look at it any more. I might just send it to you unfinished, with yarn and needles and collar instructions. ;p

  2. Alice says:

    With a pattern so intricate, you have a good excuse for taking so long.

  3. clickr (Joan) says:

    Beautiful!!! I can’t wait to see it done & on you.

  4. Catherine says:


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