Tim made a funny about how it was just “un-SEAM-ly”

Guess what is off the needles (although I will still have a neckline to knit after everything is seamed together)?

Ready to seam

The big part is finished. Now I just need to seam it, knit the neckline, and block the shit out of it. Started in October of 2010… finished… SOON!

Back Sleeves Front


  1. Gorgeous!

    But wait…don’t you live on the sun? Won’t it be too warm? You could totally send it to me and I’ll take *very* good care of it for you. 😉

    • HAH! Be careful what you wish for. I hardly even want to look at it any more. I might just send it to you unfinished, with yarn and needles and collar instructions. ;p

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