Echoes of Betrayal

Echoes of Betrayal (Paladin's Legacy, #3)Echoes of Betrayal by Elizabeth Moon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so disappointed in the cover of Book Two (which looked like a cheesy romance) that when I saw a dragon on the cover of this one – it’s set in a mythical Tolkein-esque world but no dragons have ever appeared – I started to wonder if the cover artist had even read the book. Fortunately, it was all made clear to me in this exciting third installment.

Speaking of “third installments,” even though I had not researched the series I was assuming it was a trilogy, being that the Paks books and the Gird books had also been in sets of three. However, it was apparent about two thirds of the way through the book that there was no way all of the questions were going to be answered (this is one of those books with about five main characters and six or seven storylines). I just found out it’s projected to be a five-book series.

This book did answer some of the questions raised in the second book, and took characters in unexpected directions (Stammel, I’m looking at you!). If you liked the other books in this series, you’ll love these just as much.

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