I see what she wrote, there.

Setting: a married couple, driving together at night, to visit friends who live approximately 20-30 minutes north.


Her: Aw, I should have brought my iPod and we could have listened to a little more of that Harry Potter book.

Him: Oh, well.

Her: Well I guess we’ll just sit here in bitter silence, then…

Him: Or… we could talk about that one scene. You know the one. Where that thing happens?

Her: Are you talking about when Voldewhatsis ensnared or entrapped Harry and he barely got away by quick thinking and luck? And possibly with the help of a [dead] parent or other adult figure?

Him: No, that other scene.

Her: Oh, the one where Harry and Ron get in trouble and are saved by Herminiwhatsis?

Him: No, the other one.

Her: … … the one where Snape is with that guy and says something vague that makes you think he’s on that guy’s side but he actually may be a double agent?

Him: Hahahah, no, that’s a different movie.

Her: OK. Oh! I know! You’re talking about that one scene when school starts and they have a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!

Him: Hahahahaha!

Her: You know, when you put it all like that… it’s really like she just wrote the same book seven times.

Totally unrelated, but the sunrise yesterday sure was gorgeous —

And I say it's all right

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