All About Emily

All about EmilyAll about Emily by Connie Willis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A nice little appetizer to much upon while waiting for the next big book. This is a quick read – I devoured it in one evening – and while reviews so far seem to be mixed, I’m siding with those in the camp of “really liked it.”

Some people have said that it’s an overused theme – a robot that wants to be human – and to that I say two things: One, it’s a Christmas story, and what Christmas story doesn’t have the same themes of want, loss, and redemption? And two, this may be a theme as old as the story of Pinocchio but that doesn’t mean that the author doesn’t go it a good turn.

If you like well-written banter, old movies and theater, and tossing out of ideas in a way slightly similar to Bellwether, you’ll like this. There’s a deeper, subtle message about being human – not just about wanting to be a human but actually treating others in a humane fashion. I’m a sucker for that.

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