The Speed of Dark

The Speed of DarkThe Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wish I could give this book six stars. Seven, even! I also wish I could buy about ten copies to give out to people (yes, I know that technically I *can,* that’s not the point).

By the end of the first paragraph my overriding thought was “THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.” I’m not autistic, but I grew up at science fiction conventions (I think other reviewers have mentioned something along the same lines, what with cons being lovely melting pots of the socially awkward and autistic – which is one reason I love cons so) and through the years have become friends with enough autistic people to have this book really, deeply resonate for me.

I kept thinking about “Flowers for Algernon” while reading this book; I’m not sure why, it doesn’t have the same … curve … that Algernon did (I’m trying not to spoil it). Perhaps it raised some of the same questions for me, in that… what makes a person who they are? And what rights to other people have to say who, or what, is right for you to be? Just because a person is the way they are, who is to say that they should be “different,” especially if they are content?

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