This Week in HaldeCraft

This week in HaldeCraft

1. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary
2. Marie’s Hearth/Green Man
3. Marie’s Hearth/Longevity knot
4. vanilla maple pecan/acorn
5. Teak & Sandalwood/Acorn
6. Hazelnut/Acorn
7. Lavender/yarn ball
8. Patchouli/yarn ball
9. Woodsmoke/yarn ball
10. Cat and mouse Welcome sign – I say people can convo me if they’re interested in either the black or orange cat, but now I’m thinking of listing them separately (and maybe making one for a white cat, and one for a gray cat).
11. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary – all the Marys are on the same page (first link up there); I really just wanted to show off each individual one with better photos.
12. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary
13. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary
14. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary
15. Sugar Skull Virgin Mary – this one has sold already!
16. Custom owl soap dish & tumbler set,
17. Purple owl soap dish and tumbler set – this was a custom order and has already sold
18. Solid black Virgin Mary – done as a custom order, but I can easily make another, or one in any other solid color.
19. Gargoyle incense burner – In addition to doing custom orders, I also have the black and green ones photoed, available.
20. Pill or ring boxes – maybe I need to take a better, brighter photo of these, or list them individually instead of a set of three. Meanwhile, I’ve relisted them and marked them down by $3.

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