Zoom in close!

Zooma zoom zoom zooma zoom zoom!

I think I’ve figured out why I haven’t figured out the zoom.
WHAT I’M USED TO: Stand wherever you want to stand, and manually adjust the zoom.
WHAT THIS CAMERA DOES: Tells you how far away it thinks you are, and adjusts the focus itself as you move forwards. I kept trying to adjust the zoom, but what I was telling it was that I was moving farther away or closer to it, and it didn’t see itself getting farther or closer, so it couldn’t focus. IS THAT CRAZY, OR WHAT? All six of these photos were taken with the camera lens one inch or less away from what is photographed.

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  1. I’m going to read your camera posts with great interest. I didn’t realise “our” new camera had these things in it, I’d just got it for the better video quality!

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