Juniper Windows

Juniper Windows - long version Juniper Windows - short version

Yarn: Perhaps Today is a Good Day to Dye in “Grey Gardens”

Pattern: One that I wrote up and just released – Juniper Windows. (I mentioned it previously here).

Notes: This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

Juniper Windows is a fun hat with a cabled pattern I’ve wanted to try for a while; it reminds me of the 120-year-old windows of the house my husband’s family used to own in South Bend, on Juniper Road.

There are two versions of this pattern in one; for a long hat with i-cord, follow as written… and for a shorter (“normal sized”) hat simply take out the section with rows 26-61, throw a few more decreases at the top and cinch it shut rather than do the i-cord.

This pattern is charted only, and probably wouldn’t be great for a first-time hat or cable knitter, but the adventurous intermediate knitter should be able to handle it, and of course the advanced knitter should be able to whip one out.

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