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Remember how a couple months ago I said that my host wanted me to move to a different hosting plan, and how I was dragging my feet because I was going to have to do all that mumbo-jumbo myself and move everything, and I didn’t want to because SQL is like some foreign language that I have no desire to learn?



I may be starting the blog all over again, AGAIN. I hate having to troll through my own blog to save the good posts – why can’t migrating databases be fucking easy? Fuckity.

Also I am sick. And cranky. And about to go to the airport to pick up my aunt and uncle, after which I will beg off the Vets for Peace concert to come home and be… sick and cranky. Want to come over? I’ll sneeze on you!

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    • I’d like to stay with who I’m with – Laughing Squid – but they’re just changing a bunch of shit that I don’t know the right words for and they don’t offer a “we’ll move it for you” package; I basically have to sign up for a new package, move my old stuff over, and cancel the old stuff. Which makes me cranky because I know just enough to know that I really shouldn’t be the one doing this. I know enough to say “hey, I can do that, and that, and this other thing, but don’t let me do *that* because I will totally fuck it up.” 😉

      So far they’re being very patient and very responsive with my “hey, I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing, FLAIL, please help me Obi-Wan!” emails.

      It’s about to be their weekend out in San Fran, though, so nothing will probably happen until next week!

  1. thank you for the new word. i am now going to walk around randomly saying ; fuckity.
    like this; wow, these zombie mints smell fuckity.


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