This week in HaldeCraft

This week I got eight things uploaded – two of which were custom orders but gave me an idea for repeating/repeatable items. So if you’re thinking of gift-giving, I have two different bulk soap orders available (a set of ten and a set of twelve). Everything in the bulk order needs to be the same scent/design, but it can be pretty much anything you can think of that I can make happen*.

This week in Etsy

The first link goes to the larger picture on Flickr; the second link goes to Etsy.

1. Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey soap (Etsy page)
2. Tall sitting cat (Etsy page)
3. Custom 12-bar order (Etsy page)
4. Gingersnap soap (Etsy page)
5. Buttercream & Snickerdoodle Cupcake Soap (Etsy page)
6. Pair of owls (Etsy page)
7. Custom 10-bar order (Etsy page)
8. Bear Ashtray (Etsy page)

* So Anne, if you still want a dozen Honeyed Sandalwood/Vanilla soaps, this would be the place to order them once you figure out what design you want!

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  1. This post has been forwarded to the gift committee for Anne. 🙂 Perhaps he’ll take the hint? Yeah, that celestial soap looks lovely…

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