Clearing out some stuff in my “archives of stuff to share”… some of this I’ve been holding on to for so long I can’t believe I haven’t already shared it.

Seasonal workers who dress in colonial garb at a historical park in Easton, Pa. must apply for biometric Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC), according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Hahahaha – the future of advertising.

Buzludzha: the abandoned communist concrete flying saucer from Bulgaria . Man, what a view!

Oh, you wacky Klingons, with your Bat’leths, and your anger issues… Klingon Criminal Robs Two 7-Elevens In Colorado.

What would you sit for? What would you sit against? Check out this art project.

This one’s for Tim – the Rubik’s 360!

Actually, this one’s for Tim, too. Math Clock for geeks.

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