QOTW – 2010/02/22

And the Question of the Week is… in your major relationships (spouse/partner/heterosexual life-mate), which of you is the more emotionally stable one?

My answer: DUH. Do you even KNOW me?! OK; sarcasm aside; I think it’s really a pretty even call, with most of my major relationships. That’s the thing about people you love – you try to be an anchor for them, and they try to be an anchor for you. It all works out.

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  1. Netflix is much more stable than I am. It never procrastinates, never complains about what I’m wearing or eating, and always knows how to make the best of a rainy (or snowy) day.

  2. Me. I have this wall that I haven’t taken down in 5 years. I wish I could. But I just can’t trust anyone with my heart still. Even my ex (we just broke up days ago & dated for 7 months). I want a Nicholas Sparks clone to sweep me off my feet, woo me & give me compliments all the time because I deserve them. 🙂 Am I full of myself or what? 🙂

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